I would love to read and review your books, host giveaways, or hold interviews here on my blog, Novel Thoughts. I usually am drawn to read Young Adult novels, but I read the occasional Adult or Middle Grade books. I do not accept ebook requests. If you think I would be interested in reviewing your books, please contact me at:

I am currently reviewing only Young Adult fiction books.

When I will post the reviews:
If the book you have asked me to review is already out, I will have the book read and reviewed at latest in a month. If the book is an ARC and is not out yet, I will read and review the book before it comes out and within a month of the release date.

What my reviews will entail:
I will provide an honest, thoughtful review for no compensation. I will post the summary (usually listed from Goodreads) and will share my thoughts, likes, and dislikes on the book. If I happen to not like the book, I will try my best to let readers know in a very courteous manner that doesn't disrespect the author or the book.

For more information about my reviews, you can look at the reviews I have already posted on my "Reviews" tab.

I currently have over 1390 followers and get around 3,500 blog views per week or around 12,000+ views per month. Additionally, I have over 1600 followers on Twitter where I share links to my reviews/posts and also spread the word about books.

Thank you so much for considering me to read and review your books!