Monday, March 23, 2015

Review: Here by Richard McGuire

Here is Richard McGuire's unique graphic novel based on the legendary 1989 comic strip of the same name.

Richard McGuire's groundbreaking comic strip Here was published under Art Spiegelman's editorship at RAW in 1989.

Built in six pages of interlocking panels, dated by year, it collapsed time and space to tell the story of the corner of a room - and its inhabitants - between the years 500,957,406,073 BC and 2033 AD.

The strip remains one of the most influential and widely discussed contributions to the medium, and it has now been developed, expanded and reimagined by the artist into this full-length, full-colour graphic novel - a must for any fan of the genre.

This book is super cool. It has very few words, and probably won't take you more than an hour to flip thorough, but it'll turn your brain around. 

We're all aware that other things have happened in the place we're sitting or standing, we ourselves probably did them. But have you ever though about the history of everything that has happened in the spot where you're standing, all the way back to the beginning of time? I haven't, and that particular thought is pretty staggering and more than a little daunting. 

Here explores this concept with one corner of one room on the ground floor of a house. We see children playing, romance unfolding, fights, family reunions, the ancient past and the far future. One of the most impacting images in the book was a spliced together page of people all saying the same thing in the same place across all the periods of time. 

This book is sure to make you fully aware of just how huge humanity is. How many people have come before us, and how many people will come after us when we're forgotten. It's pretty deep for a graphic novel, and I really enjoyed it! Definitely pick it up if you have the chance. 

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