Monday, June 16, 2014

Marissa Meyer Surprises Fans with Secret Book "Fairest"

Fans all around the world can rejoice today with the announcement of a secret book that Marissa Meyer, New York Times bestselling author of the Lunar Chronicles, is releasing through Macmillan. As a huge fan of hers myself, this is literally the best surprise ever! I absolutely love the world that Meyer has created and can't wait to read this one.

From Entertainment Weekly:
...for Fairest, Meyer is putting a spin on the Evil Queen from Snow White fame to show how Levana became the kind of woman who would rule the moon colony of Luna and want to take over Earth, too.

"In the fairy tale, she has the mirror, and I did a lot with mirrors and played with that element and that concept of what could make a woman so vain that she would commit unspeakable evil to remain the most beautiful woman in her country?" Meyer says.

"I took all of that from that fairy tale and twisted it to match the world of The Lunar Chronicles."

Fairest begins when Levana is 15 years old and covers about 10 years of her life, ending about a decade before Cinder is set.

For years, Meyer has been telling readers that Levana is psychotic but for good reasons, and the book promises to reveal those as well as delve into her psyche and the factors in her life that led her to want to rule Earth.

When fans first meet her, the author says, "she's showing signs of crazy, but in large part that's because she's grown up in a really poisonous household and she has a very cruel older sister who's been mentally and physically abusive to her her whole life.

"By the time she's 15, she's already having a lot of issues, but it's really at that point in her life that's the first big moments of the book that start her true downward spiral to becoming truly evil."

I'm thrilled that we all get to read the back story of Levana's childhood and what exactly made her so evil! And the fact that she'll also be blending in the stories of Cinder and Winter as children as well as giving a glimpse into Dr. Erland's past excites me more!

EW even states: "One major event also occurs in Fairest that will play a huge role in some of the turning points in the upcoming Winter novel — one reason why Macmillan wanted to release Fairest first."

Fairest will be available on January 27, 2015 keeping hardcore fans happy until Winter releases in November 2015.

Are you excited to find out what Queen Levana was like as a teenager in Fairest?

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  1. So excited to hear the backstory. I'm so ready for Winter to come out.