Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Blog Tour: Obsidian Pebble by Rhys A. Jones

I'm happy to be the seventh stop of the blog tour for the Obsidian Pebble by Rhys A Jones. You can check out my review here. Now I could give you a synopsis, but if you just read my review or will, that's enough words. How about I give you a fancy pants book trailer?

Sounds awesome, no? Where can you buy it?
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Award winning author (OMG) Rhys A Jones writes fantastic, funny, scary (is this a bit too presumptuous? By fantastic I mean fantasy, not brilliant--though I hope they are--brilliant that is), mysteries for ages 10 and up. His job is to take you where anything is possible. When he isn't writing he walks the dogs and occasionally practices medicine. He lives in an evergreen valley in West Wales with his very understanding wife.

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  1. Thanks for hosting. Much appreciated. Hope you liked the book (the link isn't working). Happy to answer any questions.

  2. Book sounds awesome. Would love to read it.