Giveaway: SIGNED Victoria Schwab Collection

vicious bannerAs a huge fan of Victoria Schwab and her books, I am pleased to celebrate the release of VICIOUS with a giveaway! But first, here is a bit about her new book to get you interested!

A masterful, twisted tale of ambition, jealousy, betrayal, and superpowers, set in a near-future world.

Victor and Eli started out as college roommates—brilliant, arrogant, lonely boys who recognized the same sharpness and ambition in each other. In their senior year, a shared research interest in adrenaline, near-death experiences, and seemingly supernatural events reveals an intriguing possibility: that under the right conditions, someone could develop extraordinary abilities. But when their thesis moves from the academic to the experimental, things go horribly wrong.

Ten years later, Victor breaks out of prison, determined to catch up to his old friend (now foe), aided by a young girl whose reserved nature obscures a stunning ability. Meanwhile, Eli is on a mission to eradicate every other super-powered person that he can find—aside from his sidekick, an enigmatic woman with an unbreakable will. Armed with terrible power on both sides, driven by the memory of betrayal and loss, the archnemeses have set a course for revenge—but who will be left alive at the end?

In Vicious, V. E. Schwab brings to life a gritty comic-book-style world in vivid prose: a world where gaining superpowers doesn’t automatically lead to heroism, and a time when allegiances are called into question.

Now, you can enter to win a collection of Victoria Schwab’s novels to date as well as Vicious character cards and other book swag. Feel free to tweet for extra entries every day as well as follow Victoria on Facebook and Twitter. Enter below to win!

UPDATE (10/2): This giveaway IS INTERNATIONAL. I am willing to pay the extra funds if an international reader wins. I love this author enough to share her with the world. 

UPDATE (10/3): The author, Victoria Schwab, offered to personalize and sign the books to the contest winner! If that entices you more, tweet every day so you can get even more entries and a better chance to win!

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Jeremy West

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  • Kierra

    Ah, this is a difficult one. Okay, for a superpower, I’d pick being able to fly. SO cheesy, but I just think it would be AMAZING.

  • Nushrika

    Villain and teleportation :)

  • Regan

    I would have to choose to be a hero, and my power would be to be able to speak every language in the world and universe

  • Melody Torres

    A hero, ummm invisibility

  • Kenzie Ives (@WhereDidYouGo20)

    My superpower would be to shapeshift into any animal or to control wind and storms.

  • rogier caprino

    A villian. Explode and create stuff w/ my. Mind

  • Courtney

    I have always wanted telekinesis power. Seems like it would be useful.

  • Lisa

    I think it’d be pretty cool to have super speed. Imagine how convenient that would be. I think invisibility would be pretty awesome too, but only if I can choose when I’m invisible or not.

  • Ginelly

    If I could have any super power I would choose invisibility!

  • Stacie

    If I had a super power I would probably want to fly so that way I don’t have to drive lol. Also, if there was a tsunami I would be able to fly away.

  • Emily

    I’d like the power to teleport :)

  • Priscilla

    If i had a super power I would want to control the elements especially water i mean have you seen how powerful a waterbender is on avatar case closed lol

  • Cee

    I would love to have the power of teleportation. It’ll be so easy to get to places I need to go to.

  • nadiareads1

    Do I have to choose between hero and villain? I think I would be a sidekick with the power to fly!

  • Sarah Streidl

    I wanna be a villain!!!

  • Sama

    If I had a superpower, I’d want it to be the ability to set things on fire! I really think that would be cool. :)

  • Robin

    I’d be a hero, of course. The only time I’ve ever personally related to a superhero in a movie was when I watched Captain America… I’d love to be able to fly, although I’m not entirely sure how that alone could help defeat evil. 8-]

  • The Book Spines

    If I could have a superpower, I would be able to read other peoples thoughts. That way, I could always tell if someone was plotting against me!

  • Maura

    Changing things up. Normally I would say hero, but I’m going to go with villain.

  • Jessie H.

    I’d totally be a super villain. Evil gets to have all the fun.

  • Angela

    I would totally be a hero and if I could have any power I would want to be telekinetic.

  • Vivien

    If you could choose to be a hero or a villain, which would you choose?


  • Zack

    I’ve always wanted to think of myself as going the hero route, but I’d probably end up as more of a villain. Maybe an anti-hero–follow in the steps of Wade Wilson and Frank Castle.

    As for powers, give me super strength and invulnerability. I can work out transportation myself.

  • Adriana

    My superpower would definitely be teleportation. There are so many things (not to mention people) to see in this world and not enough time to see them! If I could cut out air fare and travel time in general, I would be a much more efficient person.

  • Dana

    I usually have a difficult time choosing between being able to fly or being able to teleport.. Both could get me anywhere I want to go

  • Kate Tilton (Froze8)

    If you could choose to be a hero or a villain, which would you choose?
    I would be a hero, but one of the things I love most about Vicious is that Victoria plays with the idea of what makes a hero and what makes a villain. Excellent work.

  • Emily

    I NEED to be invisible.

  • Dorena

    I would choose to be a hero.

  • tore923

    I would choose to be a hero. I would love to have the power to heal. I have always wanted to help people. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  • Caitlin (@akari09)

    I would probably choose teleportation. It would shave so much time off my commute to work. Plus, being already sneaky, I would have way too much fun scaring my friends.

  • Sara (of The Page Sage)

    I’d like the superpower of flight (I watched Peter Pan a lot as a kid). :)

  • Darith

    My ideal superpower to have is invisibility. Imagine how easy It would be to just get out of situations.

  • kimmmyberley

    Teleportation – definitely!

  • Emily (@FallingforYA)

    Hero or Villain depends on were I would be in charge. I would much rather be a villain with tons of minions then a hero who works alone and only by night and is at the whim of the townspeople (i.e. Batman). So I’m going with villain, and while I really want teleportation that isn’t very handy as far as villain superpowers go so I think I would choose telekinesis (moving things with my mind) or just mind reading in general. I’d be really handy to read the good sides mind and figure out their plans ahead of time.

  • Allyn J’nae Duarte

    I’d lick to be able to mimick other people’s talents

  • Andrew

    Hero or Villain? I think my inner compass would get the better of me, but I would like to be a villain. They have more fun. So, a villain with mortals. Does that count?

    If I could have one superpower, what would it be? That’s a toughie. But the first thing that popped into my head is control the elements, mainly water. Not in an Aquaman kinda-way but more a Water Bender. That would be cool.

  • Jo

    Hero or Villain? I think I would like to be a villain, because I don’t do the tights.

    If I could have a superpower, I would pick to control the elements, because they are basically the essentials for life.

  • Natasha

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Travis

    I’d definitely choose teleportation. I’d probably be a villain too.

  • Marijana

    To freeze time and heal any disease.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  • Rachel Patrick

    I’d be villain that’s secretly a superhero! And as for my superpower…the ability to read ALL THE BOOKS. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • savanna

    if i had a superpower it would be invisibility and to be able to teleport

  • Ivya

    If you could choose to be a hero or a villain, which would you choose?

    That, of course, depends on the definitions of ‘hero’ and ‘villain’ :)

  • Micah

    If I had a superpower it would be to be able to step into books and stories. I would love to meet the characters and live in the stories I love to read about!x

  • Jessica

    I’d be a hero, I think. Although that term is subjective…

  • Jamie Dement (LadyJai)

    o.0 would love to win!

  • Shannon

    If I had a superpower I would LOVE to be able to teleport anywhere I want at the drop of a hat!

  • Quincey

    I would love to be a villain so I don’t have too many responsibilities for civilians and my power would be mind control or telekinesis

  • Michelle Quesnot

    If I could be a hero or a villain I would choose to be a hero. A snarky hero, but definitely a hero!

  • Ke-shaunta

    I would like to be a Villain except I would actually win because lets face it they usually lose. Lol

    Also I would Love to have Peter’s powers from Heroes.

    Pinky: Gee, Brain what do you want to do tonight
    Brain: Same thing we do ever night, Pinky, Try to take over the world.


  • Danielle Sullivan

    Villain, definitely. I think they have so much more fun, and stress free. Besides it would be interesting to experience the story from their pov, since it’s never explored that way.

  • Charlotte

    I have heard nothing but incredible things about this author, gimme gimme gimme!

  • Laura Jones

    I’d be a villain, because they have all the fun. Plus, they’re usually sexy.

  • Heather

    for a superpower I would want to teleport!

  • Amanda Pennington (@MandaPantsReads)

    I would totally be a superhero! Who wouldn’t want to run around saving the day?

  • Ciarra Balsomo

    I think both heroes and villains can be pretty crazy. I often find villains much more interesting characters than heroes, though. So I guess I’ll go with being a villain :P

  • Katie

    I want Harold and the purple Crayon powers, like the power to draw or create things from my fingertips.

  • Dave Bessom

    I’d be a hero.
    As for a super power? Well who WOULDN’T choose invincibility?

  • Catriona (@LittleBookOwl)

    Hmmm okay super power. I think I would say either the ability to teleport, OR to freeze time! I would love to be able to avoid the whole travelling process, and freezing time would so handy. I COULD READ ALL OF THE BOOKS! I’d always be prepared for things and never late either way :)

  • Inspiring Insomnia (@InsomniaBooks)

    I’d have to be a villain. It wold be a nice change of pace from staid life. My superpower would be teleportation, which I imagine I’d need as I’d be constantly on the run for my villainous deeds.

    Stephanie @ Inspiring Insomnia

  • belle

    I would be a hero and I would really like to fly!

  • Amy

    I would be a villain.

  • Roxanne

    OMG it’s so hard to choose ONE superpower… um… maybe teleportation!

  • Danielle

    I would want to be a hero and have the power to be invisible

  • Georgie Lloyd

    If I had to pick one super power, i would pick the ability to have more super powers!!.. Okay that was a joke. I would probably pick mind reading as it is pretty undetectable, once you’d had a bit of practice with it of course, so no jealous villains! And the possibilities! You could “overhear” everything! From who’s having an affair to bank account info! Oh and you’d always know if your butt looked big in your jeans.

  • Frida Arriaga

    If I could have a superpower I think I would choose the ability to fly, it would be awesome and I could escape from anywhere in seconds. And it would be romantic to take my bf into the sky :)

  • Joe Barrett

    I would like the ability to be Non-Invisible. Oh yes, you would see me, and there wouldn’t be a damn thing you could do about it.

  • sharksmart

    I would be a hero because I’d feel way too guilty carrying out evil-doing while I’d feel great helping people.

    I’d want the teleportation superpower. In fights, it’s an easy way to evade attacks. And I’d never have to drive again! (No need for cars or gas, and I’d get to sleep late since my “commute” to work would be instant, haha.)

  • fatma shahin

    I would choose being able to manipulate time because there’s just not enough time in the day to do the things that I want to do!

  • Mike

    If I had to choose a power, I would choose the ability to manipulate time. Go back, but not be able to change anything because that’s when things get messy, just observe and watch; pause and fast forward time.

  • Ana

    I would definitely be a hero, because heroes are freaking cool! As for the superpower… I don’t know, maybe teleportation, because that way I could go anywhere I wanted in seconds and I wouldn’t have to pay for flights or gas or whatever.

  • _Sandra_

    If I had one superpower it would be either flying (though I’m terrified of heights – LOL!!!) or teleportation. Both would be able to get me anywhere I want within a short period of time. :)
    Thanks for an amazing giveaway! :)

  • adrienne martin

    If I had one superpower I’d want to be able to go back in time or maybe even see the future.

  • Ationa Mayo

    If I had one superpower, I would choose Invisibility! And id definitely would be a hero!


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