Monday, May 13, 2013

The Sequel to Harken by Kaleb Nation has a Title!

If you've been around the internet anywhere in the past year and you happen to follow me on Twitter, you have most likely heard me speak of my friend Kaleb Nation and his book Harken.

Harken was released this past January and quickly became a Kindle bestseller and for good reason. This book is pretty great! Tons of action and conspiracy in a category lacking in the latter. And now it's finally available in print!

For a limited time, you can purchase Harken for only $8.99 on Amazon, which is 10% cheaper than retail (what I paid for mine)! So go forth and purchase!

As well as this book being in paperback, Kaleb released the title to the book's sequel in the back of the book!

And that title is....




I can't wait to hear more about the sequel and to get my hands on a copy! Especially after the way Harken ended.

If you're looking for a fast-paced thrill ride overrun with conspiracy, Harken is your book.

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