The CW Kills The Selection Pilot

selectionIt must be the week of rejected young adult adaptation tv pilots or something. With Fox not picking up the Delirium pilot earlier this week and now the CW giving The Selection its final blow to the head after attempting to resuscitate it by shooting a brand new pilot with a new cast and better locations, it seems even they couldn’t make it as good as it should be for viewers to tune in.

Deadline reported the execution:

After two development cycles and two pilots, the CW is throwing in the towel on bringing Keira Cass’ book The Selection to the small screen. By all accounts, the second pilot, which was shot in Budapest, was an improvement over last year’s effort. But in the end I hear the finished product, while beautifully shot, was not compelling enough to get on the schedule.

For fans of the series, it’s sad news. This series has a pretty good following and the CW could have benefited from it being on their roster. Here’s to hoping the next few books they optioned have winning scripts and a solid pilot to rocket their way onto our tv screens soon.

The Selection is based on a young adult series by Kiera Cass. The Elite, sequel to The Selection was released on April 23.

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