Friday, May 10, 2013

Carrie Ryan Strikes Two Book Deal

Carrie Ryan is the author of one of my favorite YA series ever. Her post-apocalyptic thriller trilogy, The Forest of Hands and Teeth, even pushed Ryan to become a New York Times best selling author. Since then, she has edited and published multiple YA anthologies as well as part of an intermediate readers series with the second book in the Infinity Ring series.

So when news broke that she sold two new books, I was thrilled. Believe me, more Carrie Ryan books makes the world a much better place.

Check out this post from Publishers Weekly about the sale:
Carrie Ryan, author of the YA hit The Forest of Hands and Teeth, signed a two-book, world English rights deal with Dutton Children’s Books. The first title, a YA romantic thriller, is called Turnabout. Julie Strauss-Gabel, at Dutton, struck the deal with Merrilee Heifetz at Writers House. Turnabout—which follows a young woman who, Dutton said, is “thrust into a web of a dangerous campaign to avenge her parents’ murders,”—is scheduled for early 2015. Forest of Hands and Teeth, the first title in a YA zombie trilogy published by Random House’s Delacorte Press in 2009, per Dutton, has been translated into over 18 languages and is currently in feature film development.

I am so proud of Carrie as a friend and as a reader/fan and cannot wait to be able to read these new books! And to nab Julie as an editor is so killer!

Congratulations, Carrie. I'm ecstatic for you and can't wait to share your new books with the world!

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