Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blog Tour Interview with Christina Lauren

I am so excited to be a stop on the Beautiful Stranger blog tour. I got to interview the lovely co-authors penned under the name Christina Lauren! Don't worry, all of these questions are spoiler free, so take a read and get an awesome laugh in!

1) First off, I have to ask, who writes who? Did you ever switch?

We always switch! We usually write the first couple of chapters in one or the other POV, but then we write whatever chapter is in our head. Both of us become so familiar with the outline, the path forward, and the voices of each character, that we share writing in all ways. And we edit each other’s chapters so extensively that sometimes we don’t remember who wrote what.

2) In the flavor of Beautiful Bastard, did you ever have a horrible job or horrible boss (or both!)? Any good stories?

We’ve both been extremely lucky and had amazing bosses at all of our jobs. To be honest, none of the story in BEAUTIFUL BASTARD comes from personal experience. It’s just a fun, wild romp and one possible fantasy.

3) Was it hard switching from Chloe to Sara and Bennett to Max?

We thought it might be, because Bennett/Max and Chloe/Sara are such different characters. Whereas Bennett is all fire/passion/drive, Max is more laid back and mellow. Likewise, whereas Chloe is a ball-busting firecracker, Sara is a bit more contained and cautious. But, what has been wonderful for us so far is that the characters came out as themselves from page one. This has also been true for PLAYER, where Will and Hanna are also completely different than the characters who came before.

4) Now in the flavor of Beautiful Stranger, what was the most outrageous, wild or crazy thing you've ever done in public? I promise not to alert any authorities!

One of us (you’ll have to guess who for each scenario) has gotten busy in: a museum, an archery field, a corn field, a library, and a restaurant bathroom.

5) Can you please tell me if there will be more George? Because there needs to be.

Ahh! So glad you love him as much as we do. Don’t you worry. We love George, and promise that he will make an appearance in at least two more BEAUTIFUL books. You might just have to wait a little before you see him again . . .

6) What can you tell us about Beautiful Player? (I actually clapped my hands seeing it will be Will's story) And are there any plans for more books?

We are having so much fun writing PLAYER! One thing you’ll learn about Will is that he has a lot of experience with women, but never thought he would see his world flipped on its head by one–especially the one that he’s helping with her own plans to date more. Hanna, on the other hand, has only just started out in the dating world, and is treating it like she does school and work: as a way to learn, gain experience, see how it all works. She trusts Will about as far as she can throw him. They’re really fun together, and we’re hitting our stride with them now, which is a really magical place to be.

There are three novellas, too, that focus on Bennett and Chloe’s story after BASTARD. These are BEAUTIFUL BITCH (7/16/13), BEAUTIFUL BOMBSHELL (9/2/13) and BEAUTIFUL BEGINNING (11/19/13). Each of these short books will begin to incorporate the other characters you’ve met since BASTARD, including Max, Sara, Will, and Hanna.

The other book in this deal with Gallery is a still-unannounced title that will most likely be the start of something new. We’ll keep you posted when we have more details we can share!! We have many more ideas, and hope to be writing together for years to come.
Thanks so much for having us by! This was a lot of fun.

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