Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Walden // A Short Film

This past weekend, Jeffrey and I ventured into the woods for a few hours to get away. I had the day off of work and wanted to do something creative. I have always loved the idea of just leaving everything behind and going way for a while to live off the land like Henry David Thoreau did for two years in his life. The stress of his every day life was becoming too much so he left, built a cabin in the woods, and lived there. He took the time to write many of the works he is famous for today including "Walden," his most famous work.

Taken from this idea, I came across a paragraph he wrote in it and decided to make it in video form. We packed our camera, a snack, and some water before heading out into the woods (aka our backyard) to film the video below. It is our desire that those who watch this video not only enjoy it visually, but take it in mentally. To think about living life every day and taking time to appreciate the little things.

'Walden' is a short film based on the writings of Henry David Thoreau.

Project idea by Jeremy West
Shot and edited by Jeffrey West
Filmed in Anderson, SC

Music by Lowercase Noises

Sound effects used with permission from http://freesfx.co.uk:
sivar - "countryside atmosphere 1"
mckinneysounds - "nature ambiance, bird noise, and river close by (version 2)"
stuartduffield - "stream gentle loop 1"

Equipment Used:
Canon T3i
18mm-55mm lens

Edited in Premiere Pro

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