Sunday, April 28, 2013

Enter to Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

If there is one thing that I can't get enough of, it's books. I mean, I have an entire wall devoted to them in my bedroom and when I move to New York soon and with other book nerds, that collection is going to TRIPLE!

But what is better than books? FREE BOOKS! Reading can be an expensive hobby. With so many books being published each week, it can be hard to keep up and not go broke. So I'm here to help you keep some money in your pocket little bit longer!

Thanks to my friend Cheryl at Appliances Online, an awesome UK retailer for pretty much any appliance you need in your apartment or home. I just wish they had a US division so I could use them when I move next month!

They have graciously offered up a $50 gift card for one of our followers and now is your chance to win! You don't even have to use them on books if you don't want to. It works for anything your heart desires.

Big thank you to Cheryl at Appliances Online (go check them out if you are in the UK!) and best of luck!

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