Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Archived by Victoria Schwab Gets A Full Jacket Reveal!

You guys know how big a fan I am of Victoria Schwab's books. Like, I devoured her debut, The Near Witch, in a few short hours because I was so entranced by it's beautiful lyricism and ethereal yet haunting story that just sucked me right in. And now she has a new book coming out in January called The Archived, and, guys. This book is so spectacular. I was lucky enough to be able to read it about two months ago and I cannot tell you how absolutely blown away I was by this one. I literally had no words when I finished it. The book is sheer perfection and I cannot wait for it to be shared with the world.

So today, we get the special opportunity to help reveal the full jacket spread for The Archived. Not only is the cover just absolutely stunning, but this is honestly one of the most breathtaking jackets I've ever seen. There's just so much detail from the book that fills the cover from flaps to the back. So enough talking. Check out the jacket!

Click on it! Make it HUGE. Fill up your screen with it's beauty! The gargoyles fit perfectly with the story and so does the mood of this cover. Oh, the colors are so perfect.

RE: this cover. Here is my open letter to Disney*Hyperion:

Dear D*H designers and pub, I know it has not yet been revealed as to what the final treatment of this book will be. But I beg you to make it velvet. You would do this book cover the greatest injustice if you made it anything BUT a velvet finish. I can just imagine holding this book and feeling the history between it's covers with a velvet finish. And not only that, but an embellished title and key. Imagine how good this book will feel with special features like that?

Sincerely, Dreaming Book Designer

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