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Character Interview: Anew by Chelsea Fine

As part of the Anew Blog Tour, we got to interview the character from the book! Get a closer look behind the scenes and even a sneak peek at Awry, the sequel. Hope you enjoy!

First off, can each of you describe your brother in a few words?

GABRIEL: Tristan’s moody and grumpy. And he has a trunk filled with bloody
TRISTAN (glares at Gabriel): You’re complaining about the weapons? Again? (sets
jaw) Gabriel is annoyingly happy. And he complains. A lot.

What was the first thing that went through your mind when you saw Scarlet at
the Kissing Festival?

GABRIEL: I was thrilled. You don’t understand how difficult it was to know where
Scarlet was, but not be with her. So when I saw her…and she saw me…well, I was
TRISTAN: I was terrified.
GABRIEL (rolls eyes): You’re so dramatic.
TRISTAN: Oh, I’m sorry. I thought we wanted to keep Scarlet alive.
GABRIEL: She’s not going to die from you seeing her.

What were the both of you doing in the two years before Avalon?

GABRIEL: I was in New York City. I like big, busy places. I still have an apartment
there and everything. Avalon is just temporary.
TRISTAN: I was actually in Avalon building my cabin.

What was your favorite time period that you lived in or otherwise?

GABRIEL: I like the current era. Cell phones, TV, the internet. I also like
transportation that doesn’t involve horses, and modern plumbing.
TRISTAN (scratches jaw): I’m not really a fan of any time period. The early 1500s
weren’t bad—until I was shipped off to war, of course. And I guess the 1800s were
all right.
GABRIEL (looks at Tristan disapprovingly)
GABRIEL: Prizefighting was illegal.
TRISTAN (shrugs): I enjoyed it.
GABRIEL: Beating the crap out of people?
TRISTAN: It’s called boxing.

Mostly aimed at Tristan, but what's your favorite weapon?

TRISTAN: My favorite defensive weapon is a dagger. Daggers are quick, effective,
and easy to use. My favorite offensive weapon is a bow and arrow. Of any kind.
GABRIEL (makes face): You have a favorite “offensive” weapon?
TRISTAN (shrugs): You never know when you’ll have to strike first.
GABRIEL (blinks): Who the hell are you?

What can you tell us about what happens in Awry, without too many tasty

GABRIEL: Awry gives the back-story on everything that happened with Scarlet,
myself and Tristan in the 1500s. And we also make progress finding the Fountain of
Youth in the current story. Sorta.
TRISTAN: Awry also lets readers know that there’s more to Scarlet’s past than even
Gabriel and I understand.
GABRIEL: Oh! And there’s a haunted house with owls.
TRISTAN: The house isn’t haunted.
GABRIEL: But it does have owls.
TRISTAN: Not real ones. (pauses) Maybe one real one.

Anything else you'd like anyone who hasn't read Anew to know about you?

GABRIEL: I’m not as self-absorbed as I come across. I’ve just had to put up with
Tristan’s crap for five hundred years and I’m starting to lose my patience.
TRISTAN: That’s true. (clears throat) The only thing I’d want readers to know about
me is that I would do anything to save Scarlet. Anything.
GABRIEL (shakes head): Why do you always have to make me look bad?
TRISTAN: Says the non “self-absorbed” person.

And this one is totally off the record and just for me, but I kept wondering
what Gabe thought Tristan's plan was, if not to kill himself...

GABRIEL: Tristan kind of fell off the deep end in the 1800s, so when I found out
he was planning to murder someone, I figured it was another semi-immortal that
needed to die in Scarlet’s place. But since semi-immortals always come back to life,
I wasn’t too nervous. And in that case, it wasn’t like Tristan was ending someone’s
life cycle for good. He was just borrowing it. That probably sounds confusing, but I
swear it will all make sense in Avow (book three).

Thanks to Chelsea for doing this for us!

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