Thursday, July 19, 2012

Featured Author of the Week: Lex Thomas

There are few opportunities to interview authors before people really know who they are. Especially when it's guys like Lex Hrabe and Thomas Voorhies. These two guys wrote a book called Quarantine: The Loners and it is excellent!

The two guys write under the name "Lex Thomas" and Quarantine is their first novel. Film rights to the book were recently optioned by Kami Garcia (co-author of the Beautiful Creatures novels) and Mark Morgan (The Twilight Saga & Percy Jackson and the Olympians) and is currently in pre-pre-production. If you watch the interview until the end, you can hear them give a few teasers about the project.

These two guys were really great and I'm excited to see where their futures take them. Without further ado, here's the interview with Lex Hrabe and Thomas Voorhies.

If you haven't had a chance to check out Quarantine yet, I highly suggest it! I'll be reviewing it on here soon and it is one book you will definitely want to read before the hype.

You can find the authors on Twitter @LexThomasAuthor and at their website. Quarantine: The Loners just came out on July 10th and is available wherever books are sold! And just to make it easier for you, here are a few links to buy it. It's really cheap and worth every dime!


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  1. I read and reviewed this book a while ago, as an ARC. I really enjoyed it and thought the concept was absolutely sizzlingly original. Yes, sizzlingly. It's so fun to hear the authors talk about it! Great feature.