Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jeffrey's BEA Recap

So I made it home safely from BEA even though that bus ride was impossibly long. Now here we are a week later and back into the well-worn groove of my everyday humdrum life. So let's take a moment to look back and remember the good times we had in NYC.



  1. yikes 3 miles?!?! I'm glad you survive and had tons of fun though. Your rooftop party looked fantastic! 

  2. OH I'd love to go to BEA. But NY seems to be so distant from Brazil that I can't even dream about it, what i can do is watch a bunch of videos about it and see giant amounts of pictures and try to win some books troughout give aways! :D AHUHUAHUA I'd love to meet some authors you said, but the one that poped out to me was definitely Maggie Stiefvater! Her books are awesome and I'm sure so is she! :D So i wish i can win and have this book all to myself.
    Great blog by the way! :D