Wednesday, June 27, 2012


You all know of the amazingly talented and rarely funny personality that is Robyn Schneider. She is the author of the middle grade books, Knightly Academy and The Secret Prince, who can be seen on YouTube and Doctor Who Online.

For months now, she has been teasing her followers about her most recent book that sold to Katherine Tegan (imprint of Harper Collins), referring to it as the "Severed Heads" book. As a follower myself, I have been really dying to A) know the actual title of the book and B) what the cover looks like.

And as of yesterday, she has revealed at least the first part of this. Check out the video below to hear Robyn talk about her book and reveal the title for it!

Also, I made a fan cover for the book to all hold us over until the actual cover is you should check that out on my Tumblr below!


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