Friday, April 27, 2012

Comic Book Madness

One thing I've gotten really into lately is comics. No, not like Garfield or Calvin and Hobbes, though those are both timeless classics that I love, but more along the lines of "graphic novels" and comic books. For the last few weeks, I've pretty much been reading exclusively that, well, and a few non-fiction science books, but those hold no relevance here.

While I've always been a fan from afar of comic books for a while, not until recently have I made an effort to seek out good books and read them. What I found over the last few weeks is a new medium of captivating storytelling -- and I obviously mean new to me. This visual form of storytelling has been around for decades.-- I just never took the chance to stop and give it my attention. When I finally did, I became obsessed.

Luckily for me, we have a local comic book store where I live, so I can stay up-to-date on the latest releases and find some great new series to read. With less than a month of comic book knowledge under my belt, I am starting to feel a part of that community now. It's nice.

Comic books have become my own little Prozac. Whenever I'm feeling depressed or just have had a not so good day, I get lost in a comic. It's a quick pick-me-up. That's one thing I never expected when I first started actually reading them, but it's soothing. Also, there are terrible cliffhangers each issue that will keep you coming back for more.

Basically I said all that just to intro this: Next week on the blog, I'll be adding comic books to the list of "things we review". I'll start posting reviews of all the latest comics I've read and one's I think you'll be interested in. Possibly even do a weekly feature of the latest issues I'm looking forward to most. A while back, we said that we wanted to start reviewing comic books on here, but as of yet we haven't. Well, that's going to change.

As a new fan and a now heavy reader of comics, I will be sharing all my favorites with you and hopefully if you're not a current comic book reader you will be soon. This is just me sharing what I like with you. I hope it's something you'll find entertaining.


  1. I use to read Conan The Barbarian comics a looooooooong time ago. It was a great series at the time and allowed me to get lost in the world.

  2. I love graphic novels. Unfortunately, access to them is limited. They're too expensive for me to buy them on spec. And the library's selection is pretty paltry. :(

  3. It's true, comic books (manga in my case) tend to end in cliffhangers. Annoying when you can't get ahold of the next book for a while.