Monday, January 23, 2012

The Literary Oscars

Earlier this morning, the American Library Association (ALA) announced the 2012 winners for some of the highest recognized awards for Children's and Young Adult literature. Think of it as the Oscars for the literary world. The most notable awards being the Printz Award, the Newbery Medal, the Margaret A. Edwards Award, the Morris Award, and several others.

A short list of the 2012 award winners are:

2012 Newbery Medal Winner
And one of my favorites of 2011 won both the Printz Award and the Morris Award. So a HUGE congrats to John Corey Whaley.

One award that I hadn't heard of before today is one that recognized adult books that had a great YA crossover demographic, the ALEX Award. This was given to ten books of note. Here are just a few:

And for those of you interested in audiobooks, the Odyssey Award for best audiobook for children/young adults goes to:

For a full list of all the award winners, head over to ALA's website to read all about them. Or if you would like to watch the entire ALA awards ceremony, they recorded it and posted it on their website.

A big congratulations to all the winners and to the runners up in each category. A place in the finalists list is an honor in itself. I know after today's ceremony I have added a few more books to my TBR list.


  1. Hadn't heard of that award, either, but Night Circus sure does deserve it! I need to read Lover's Dictionary, I know either both, or one of you loves that one. David did some acting at the Scholastic event and he was so awesome. 

  2. I absolutely loved The Lover's Dictionary too. It was so beautifully written.

  3. It's one of my favorites of David's.

  4. David is one of my favorite people on this planet. I love him.

  5. thanks for sharing the highlights!