Monday, January 2, 2012

John Green Week Starts Tomorrow!!!

We are just one day away from John Green Week. Haven't heard of it? Well, it's a full week devoted to worshiping celebrating John Green and his works. With I Eat Words hosting and so many other bloggers participating, it is bound to be a fun time for all.

Starting tomorrow, blogs from all around the country (literally) and probably the world (at least Canada) will be celebrating John Green Week and we decided to take part in it too! It starts tomorrow, the 3rd, and lasts until the 10th, being the much anticipated release day of The Fault in Our Stars and the (fan-made) holiday Alaska Young Day. A day that means a lot to John.

Throughout the week, we will have a giveaway, some reviews, possibly a video, and posts talking about the man himself, John Green, and we will end the week with a TFiOS Release Day Celebration (whatever that means). If you haven't yet heard of John Green, shame on you! After this week, you have no excuses. Read his books. He has defined contemporary YA in a way that no other contemporary YA author has to date.

If you'd like to participate in this week of celebration for John Green, I would say GO FOR IT! You don't have to post award-winning material. Just share how John Green's books have had an affect on your life. Talk about a favorite Vlogbrothers moment. Pretty much anything goes this week as long as JG is tied to it.

You could also join if:
  • You've never read a John Green book before and want to (I recommend you do).
  • Re-reading John Green books.
  • Reviewing John Green Books.
  • Talking about John Green however you want.
  • Discussion posts about John Green.

If you don't care to join us for John Green Week, I encourage you to check out these other awesome bloggers and vloggers that are participating!

Farrah and Britney - (I Eat Words)
Ginger - (GReads Books)
Priscilla (The Readables)

Feel free to use and share my banner throughout the week if you would like. You don't have to credit me for making it, but if you do I will love you forever! Creepy much? Also, Ginger made a button if you would like to add it to your blog this week as well :) 

I hope to see lots of posts about John Green this week all over Twitter and your blogs! It should be a fun week. What a perfect way to start off 2012 as well!

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  1. Jen and I @ Teach Mentor Texts will be participating as well :)