Friday, January 6, 2012

JGW: TFiOS Preview Reaction

With less than one week left until we can all get our grubby little hands on a copy of John Green's The Fault in Our Stars, I think it's safe to say we're all chomping at the bit to read it. Fortunately for us humans with internet (sorry for those who don't have it, but I have a feeling you aren't reading this so my apology is irrelevant), we have access to the first two chapters of John's elusive new book.

What? You didn't know this? Well, I'm not lying to you. It's true. And just in case you haven't read the first two chapters, I would recommend doing so before you read this post. If you would like to read it in its archaic text format, go here. If you prefer to have the smooth baritone of the one and only John Green narrate it for you, go here. *cues Jeopardy music*

All done? Good. Now you're ready to proceed. I'll just hand you on over to our resident reviewer Jennifer and let her share her reaction upon reading the chapter previews.
I have a particular fondness for including my reactions in reviews, etc. like a play-by-play. Why? Because it gives a timeline sense for exactly WHEN I felt/ thought something.

Small Disclaimer: Before reading these chapters, I knew this was a cancer book. That’s it. Nothing else about it.

So, here it goes:
1) Oh, John Green. There is something socially immoral about you making cancer this funny. I mean, I know it has been done before (mainly in movies) but still. Ah, well. You are John Green. You can and will get away with it.
2) Wait, WHAT?! A GIRL POV?! *faints over dead*
3) Though... this could be interesting... Mr. Green is always known for his pretty-average boys - how would that translate into the other gender?
4) Mr. Green, I am laughing at your snarky and bitterly morbid girl. I like her. Why haven’t you written more girls?
5) Ooh. A hot boy. Very contrary to the usually-feisty and very-unattainable girl.
6) Oh, here we go. Enter philosophical mentions /terms /debate and make me feel stupid as paint. Classic Green.
6) Mentions V for Vendetta. (One of my very favorite movies.) INSTA-WIN!

Last thought: “Goddamn, aren’t you something else.” Best line of dialog. EVER. Like *jawdrop* *fangirlish flailing of arms* *minor heart palpitations*

So, usually, I try not to get myself excited over book releases cause I hate getting all excited and then finding out I have to wait 2903432097230847 YEARS before it comes out. AND I try not to spoil myself on teasers, etc. because I don’t want to start reading something I can’t have.

However, since I was asked so nicely to read the first two chapters and give my reaction, I broke this aforementioned rule and I must say that I am actually VERY EXCITED now! I’ve read all but one of Mr. Green’s works and am excited and slightly terrified to how he will break my heart this time. I mean, the set up is all there. A cancered, snarky girl, a cute, cancered boy. There’s pending love and disaster in the air! Still, it might just have the potential to be my favorite Green novel yet...
So there you have it, one person's thoughts/ reactions to The Fault in Our Stars. Also, Penguin released the book trailer for The Fault in Our Stars yesterday and it is simply breathtaking!

I could literally watch that trailer all day. It's so beautiful and I love that they used the song Permafrost by Laurena Segura. She has such a beautifully soothing voice. This gets me even more excited for TFiOS! Four more days!

Keep Calm and DFTBA!


  1. I don't want to read the preview yet because if I can't get my hands on a copy for awhile, I will be totally bummed.

  2. you can still preorder the book, it ships tomorrow, and is signed by john green, as long as you buy it before midnight EST tonight

  3. Even if you don't pre-order the book, you will probably get a signed one since he signed the entire first printing, but they won't last long on store shelves.