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Review: Freak the Geek by John Green

Freak the Geek by John Green (Geektastic)
Published by Little Brown
Date Published: August 1, 2009

First off, let me start out by saying being a geek is cool. It's awesome, even. And that is what the anthology Geektastic is all about. Many stories about how the geeks are the better species. I, for one, take pride in the fact that I am a geek.

In Freak the Geek, John Green's addition to this anthology, the main character Lauren and her BAOF (best and only friend) Kayley are caught up in a tradition where two chosen geeks get "freaked" which is basically just a random prank done to them. This year, they were the chosen ones. And it was time to be freaked. 
This short story was fast paced (as every short story should be) and was defintely a funny thing to encounter this event in their lives. If it were me getting freaked, I wouldn't be too happy. 

Lauren was pretty relatable to myself, as well because I am also a Doctor Who and former Pokemon fan and have read a fair share of Harry Potter fan fiction. As does anything written by John Green, it had plenty of humor packed into just 11 short pages. The characters argued about the differences between trolls and orcs and even ask the tough questions like "How can mermaids hook up with seamen if they have no legs to spread?" Things like that.

My favorite line has to be this one, being a huge LOTR fan myself:
(When arguing about elves/trolls being people) "I would say that trolls and elves are definitely people. Elves have to be people, because interspecies sex is gross, and there's nothing gross about Aragorn getting it on with Arwen in Lord of the Rings.""Is the kind of thing someone would say," Kayley scoffs, "if someone was basing their analysis on the movies, not the books. Doesn't happen in the books!""Wrong! I say. The burden of meekned has lifted. "They get married in the appendices! It's a total symbol for the restoration of Numenor! Pwned!"
Overall, I loved this short story and I realize I probably waxed a bit eloquent on something so short but it was worth it. Definitely read this story and be sure to pick up the whole anthology to read the rest of them.

Also, I would kind of love to read more of Lauren and Kayley. So John, if you are reading this, please write more about them. They could have their own book or something. Just an idea. 

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  1. LOTR, HP, and Pokemon? YEAH. I'm in. Adding this one to my tbr stat.