Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Is Thankful

For this week's Interrobang YA video, we decided to make a list of some book-related things that we are most thankful for. Now, we wish we could list everyone but we couldn't because that would take forever.

So here are some of the books, authors, and bloggers we are thankful for this year!

Some of the bloggers we’re thankful for are: Andye and Amy from Reading Teen, Alex from Electrifying Reviews, Pam from Bookalicious, Kristi from The Story Siren, Lindsi from Books, Sweets, and Other Treats, Jamie from Broke and Bookish, Sasha from Sash and Em, Kelsey (my amazing girlfriend) from Reading or Breathing, and Travis from Inked Books.

Edit: HOW COULD I FORGET CARLA FROM THE CROOKED SHELF?! She's hilarious and pne of my dearest friends. Check her (blog) out!

Also, Liz from elizziebooks. She does her stuff mainly on YouTube, but also has her own book blog. You should go follow her!


  1. I love how you guys say the funniest things with a straight face :D

  2. AHHHH!! I love you guys!! I'm thankful to you guys too!! You make this whole thing much more fun than it would be otherwise!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  3. We are naturally stoic haha I'm glad you think we're funny even though we're not :P

  4. Aw thanks, Liza! :) You know I'm thankful for you!

  5. I don't quite remember how I found my way here, but I'm glad I did! Y'all are great! Love the bookish background. It looks eerily similar to my own room at home. :) 

  6. woohoo - i just noticed i made the list :-P i'm thankful for yall too! :)

  7. Of course you did :)