Monday, October 24, 2011

Review: Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan

Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan
Published by Hyperion/Disney
Date Published: October 4, 2011
Rating: 5/5



I apologize if there are any abrupt and strangely fangirl, all-caps moments in this review. I cannot adequately express my extreme love and gratitude for this book.

I want to start with the cover. This cover is BAD ASS.

First of all, it is pointedly blue. Highly symbolic of our favorite hero.

Secondly, Roman or not, that eagle is AWESOME.

Thirdly, Percy just looks... well there’s an internetism I’d like to use, but it’s not exactly appropriate for the blog. But let’s just say, he looks wickedly hot.

Fourthly, the scene it is taken from is quite possibly THE BEST IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. *Did I mention that fangirly, all-caps moments are subject to slight exaggeration?But seriously, this is what the cover is saying: “Oh, you know, you guys just go chill over there, I’m just going to COLLAPSE THIS ENTIRE GLACIER for a slight diversion. But no big or nuthin’.”

Now to the actual review.

Here’s what was so redemptive of this book: there was Percy.

I really cannot stress that point enough.

I was highly skeptical of this new series especially since it was sans our favorite, snarky, five-year-dedicated protagonist Perseus Jackson. I will even forgive the 3rd POV on Percy, cause it was still funny. Percy waking up thinking he is Roman is still funnier than Jason. Percy is now nearing 17 and every delicious moment of his POV was filled with semi-inside jokes and memories from the past five years.

Moments where you, the reader, scream “OMGs!” and shake your fists in exasperation cause you get it and Percy, sadly, does not. And other moments (the phone call to his mother, memories of Annabeth) where it just hurts so much more than if this was for a new character we didn’t know and love for five years.

Oh, I suppose I should mention the other characters in the book. Hazel and Frank. Romans. But decently acceptable as far as Romans have been so far! Hazel is a sweet kid, I hope good things for her. And her curse is kind of amazing. Just saying. I also approve 100% of her storyline. She’s got a strong Nicoish vibe, but I would dare her to try and be cooler than Nico. It’s not even possible.

Frank. Frank has a kind of Grover/ Tyson vibe as far as friends go, but has a rather interesting storyline AND a very intriguing... flaw? Weakness? Whatever you want to call that, it's very cool. I am quite intrigued to see where he will go.

Overall it was just maddeningly good. I mean, this book is 514 pages long. I read it about 9 hours. By the end, my head was pounding, my eyes were crossed, my whole body ached, I was emotionally exhausted, but it was horrendously worth it.

Lastly, I have a theory that Mr. Riordan has it out for me personally, because - HE LEFT IT OFF THERE?! ARE YOU MAD?!?!?!? WHAT A WAY TO GIVE ME A BRAIN ANEURYSM!!!

Have I mentioned Rick Riordan likes cliffhangers? Yeah, well, don't be surprised if you glare at the glossary and try to decode more story from it. Not like I did that or anything...

But, I have faith in the coming books. I do. Rick has yet to leave me disappointed in the neo-Greco/ Roman world he has created and I don't think the next three books will deviate from or destroy the amazingness he has built and as long as there is consistent Percy, I will continue to dance in a flowered pasture with these books.


  1. Awesome review! Now I can hardly wait to get through The Lost Hero! So far I'm singing this series praises :)

  2. I'm looking forward to reading this book and seeing more of Percy. I was quite sad when I read the first book and only got glimpses of Annabeth and Percy.

  3. Oh man, I just bought this the other day and am DYING to get to it soon. I'm so glad to see such excitement about it. Must read faster so I can revisit Percy!

  4. I'm in love with your fantastically fangirly review.
    I am completely in LOVE with Percy Jackson!! I mean...the books...that was totally what I meant.
    I'm so excited to read this. It's sitting over there on my shelf just staring. Soon, dear SoN, soon...