Monday, July 25, 2011

Blog Tour: Guest Post with Kiersten White

Today, we have the ever awesome Kiersten White with us talking about writing her first book! She is the author of Paranomalcy and the upcoming Supernaturally! Before I hand it over to her, though. Let's learn a little about her:

Kiersten White is the NYT Bestselling author of Paranormalcy and now Supernaturally. She has one tall husband and two small children and lives near the ocean, where her life is perfectly normal. This abundance of normal led her to a fascination with all things paranormal, including but not limited to vampires, faeries, and pop culture.

Now for Kiersten! It's all yours!

Fall of 2009 I had to do something I had never done before. Something I'd dreamed of doing. Something I'd despaired of ever being able to do. Something I had no idea just how hard it would be.

I had to write a book.

Well, I mean, I'd already done that four times. But this time I had to write a sequel. Which I had also already done. But this time I had to write a book that was a sequel that had already been sold.

Yeah. Cue freaking out of past-Kiersten. Because as much as it was a dream come true, and exactly what I had hoped would happen, being faced with the reality of the pressure of deadlines and producing something that my publisher had already invested in (even though none of us knew how well the first book was going to do) was more than a little overwhelming.

I didn't want to screw it up. I was terrified. Past-Kiersten couldn't stop worrying. What if they hate what I wrote? What if none of my ideas work? What if I forget how to write Evie? What if what if OH NO WHAT HAVE I DONE I AM GOING TO FAIL BEFORE MY FIRST BOOK EVER EVEN COMES OUT AND I WILL HAVE TO GIVE BACK THE MONEY AND AND AND

(This is the point where you go back in time and slap past-Kiersten so we can get on with the rest of the post.)

In short, I was paralyzed creatively. I knew more or less what the middle book of Evie's trilogy would be. I knew how I wanted Supernaturally to feel. I just didn't know how to make myself feel the way I needed to in order to write. Evie and I were very much stuck. So I started watching music videos.

(This is a totally legitimate writing method, guys. I PROMISE.)

One music video, in particular, was put on repeat.  At first the reasons were obvious. Snow Patrol is my favorite band, and this music video IS ALL SPARKLY AND RAINBOWY AND HYPNOTIC.

But then as I listened to the words more and more, I realized this was what Evie needed to learn in Supernaturally. She needed to just say yes. Say yes to her life. Say yes to love. Say yes to being herself. And I figured out that I needed the same lesson. I needed to embrace this story, say yes to the creative process, forget about everything that was holding me back and just GO.

Was it still hard?


But I did it. I said yes. I worked past the fear and the worries, and wrote a book I am freaking proud of. (I also gained ten pounds. I might have just said yes to too many treats while I was at it...) So much of what we do in life, those things that are the most important, are a matter of getting past the fear and the worry and embracing what we want. It doesn't mean it will be easy--it rarely is--but in the end, it'll be worth it.

And, since you and I are far luckier than Evie, we can learn that lesson without having to kiss a fossegrim. Unfortunately the same can't be said for her...

What? Tease? I would never! Look at the time. I've got to go just say yes to bedtime.

Thank you for taking over Novel Thoughts for the day and thanks to Mundie Moms for letting us be a part!



  1. Bahahaha! Kiss a fossegrim????
    Kiersten, this is an amazing story (despite the fact that you tease). Thanks for sharing with us guys! I can't wait until my Library gets their copies of Supernatually, I've been on the waiting list for months!

  2. Fabulous post! I adore Kiersten. Thank you for being apart of the tour!

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