Tuesday, May 24, 2011

BEA Update Part 1

After leaving SC on Friday afternoon, we drove to NC to spend the night in Charlotte before heading out the next day for Washington, DC. After three days and numerous hours of driving, we finally made it to NYC on Sunday!

We walked around our first day after meeting up with Kelsey, Mitali, and more before heading out to experience our first night in the city seeing the Brooklyn Bridge from Pier 17, subway rides, Staton Island Ferry ride, Times Square, and more. Which was quite cool.
Yesterday, we slept in then wandered up to Times Square to meet up with the Girls in the Stacks for lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. After that we parted ways before heading out to SoHo for the Teen Author Carnival that night. Which was absolutely amazing!

I got to meet so many authors, Hannah Moskowitz was there so she got a huge hug, met many bloggers finally, the list could go on. For the panels, the rooms were absolutely packed! So many people were standing up because they had run out of chairs to sit. I attended the Kick Ass Female MC panel and the Teenage Angst panel which were both just perfect and had such amazing authors attending! I also got to reconnect with David Levithan, who is such a great guy, and many others.
Today was the first day of Book Expo America and absolutely drained me of every single ounce of energy in my body within the first two hours. We met some celebrities along with plenty of authors, some I've met before and others I haven't. We got some great books that I'm excited to share with you guys (two HUGE giveaways coming soon!) and some that made me jump for joy!
I can't even name everyone I've met so far but I'll try to name a few that excited me most! John Lithgow, Tyra Banks (she said she loved my hair!), Florence Henderson (OMG), Ice T and Coco (meh), Richelle Mead (fellow redhead), Scott Tracey (OMG it's really Scott!), Leah Clifford, Courtney Moulton, Hannah Moskowitz, Gayle Forman, Ellen Hopkins, Alex Bracken, Jeri Smith-Ready, and SO many more!
I'm so excited to see what tomorrow holds for us seeing how amazing today was!

And tonight, we're going to see Wicked on Broadway which will be really amazing! I'll be sure to keep you updated as the week progresses. Follow me on Twitter @JeremyWest to see plenty of updates and pictures throughout the day!



  1. I'm glad you guys are having a great time!

  2. Pretty sure I saw you guys at BEA yesterday but by the time I realized who you were, you were gone. I'm a little slow like that. I met Florence Henderson too, and was so excited!

    By the way, the company my husband works for is working on the Brooklyn Bridge, that's why half of it is covered up. Will have to show him your pic!