Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hunger Games Film News

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is already becoming one of the hottest series in YA to catch a following outside of the avid reader circle, but it's not done yet. The books are one thing, but the movies another. As with Twilight, when someone hears a book like this will be adapted into a film, I think by nature they want to read the book. Thereby, starting a massive flocking of new fans to the series. I call them band-wagoners, but I will keep my opinions to myself.

For now, fans (us hardcore original fans) get to speculate and start rumors about who should be cast as Katniss or that Alex Pettyfer should play Peeta (Please, God, no.). All in all, it's a fun little game to play. For months, we've been waiting to hear solid news of casting rather than rumors and now we can all rest a little easier.

The Wrap officially announced as of Wednesday that Jennifer Lawrence has signed on to play the role of Katniss Everdeen. If you don't know much about her, you're probably living under a rock. She was in the 2010 Sundance award-winning film Winter's Bone, which was also nominated for an Academy Award. She's a great actress who has the potential to take this role and make it her own.

By casting Lawrence as Katniss, Lionsgate and director Gary Ross have decided to age up the character a little bit. Slash Film approaches it like I think we all will:
In the books, Katniss is a teenager and by the end of the trilogy, she is still a teenager. Part of what makes the books so powerful is imagining young kids killing each other and Lawrence is already beyond that age. While she’ll, without a doubt, be able to pull off the complex emotional range of the character – from inspiring to pathetic, beautiful to rundown and everything in between – her casting means the film is already straying from being faithful to the books.

Though they are straying slightly from the books, they are obviously thinking about money while casting Lawrence. Choosing a slightly older actress to play Katniss makes it easier to like her relationship with Peeta, for me. I think it makes their relationship a little more mature and THAT much better. I guess we will just have to wait and see who they cast as Peeta, which will probably be here in the near future.

I loved this series and think that it's best days are still ahead. We, as its loyal fans, need to spread the word and get the hype going to make this series blow up like never before. It already has merchandise being sold at Hot Topic, which rarely ever happens unless people know it's gonna be huge.

If you want to speculate or let me know who you want to play Peeta or Gale, the comments are open for discussion. I think you all know my stance on Pettyfer, but I think there are some solid teenage actors out there who would do well with this role. Let me know what your choices are in the comments.


  1. I LOVE Pettyfer.... but not for Peeta. He's in too many adaptations and I would really like to see a fresh face out there to play Peeta. As long as it's not Pettyfer, I trust who ever's casting to do a good job.

  2. Yeah, knowing that they're already casting an older Katniss, I think an older Peeta is sure to follow (anyone but Pettyfer!). It does seem like they might be trying to give the movies a more mature tone. And now I'm really scared about those cave scenes. Those could be...interesting.

  3. I doubt the cave scenes are gonna get any steamier. I mean they're already trying to keep it at a PG-13 rating with all the fighting and death. There's no way they would keep that rating with some cave action.

  4. Not a fan of this choice.

  5. I just cannot think of any actors to play Peeta or Gale. I'm hoping they find some new, gorgeous, undiscovered talent for both roles. I really hope they stay true to the books!

  6. I hope casting directors look more at an actors ability to act rather than their sex appeal. Contemporary teen films get bogged down with the "perfect" or "ideal" teen and no one can relate to that. Without trying to sound like Jesse McCartney, I don't want just another pretty face. I want someone who can act the HELL out of their role. We're gonna be stuck with their decision for 3 films, so they have to be good actors.

  7. I'm okay with Jennifer and would be okay with Alex. I think the real news should be who is going to play 'brooding Gale.'

  8. I think she'll be a great Katniss! I was excited for this news, and I'm even more excited for the movie :)