Sunday, March 20, 2011

Advertising and Marketing Your Blog

When you think advertising or marketing, what do you think of? Coca-Cola ads? Maybe M&M commercials? Probably. But they all have millions to spend on promoting their products to the world. But how do you think they came to the point they're at now where they can afford to do that? They all started small and expanded. If you view your blog like that as well, you might be able to harness the power of marketing to help your blog grow to be bigger than you could have ever dreamed.

As book bloggers, we want our sites to be seen by authors, publishers, etc, but we just don't have the knowledge or the ability to come up with a way to make it more noticeable. Or, at least, we don't have the "millions" to spend on Times Square-sized ads, but if you think small and simple, you could go a long way.

My idea for this post was sparked by an idea that I came up with just a few days ago to help promote Novel Thoughts to the masses (well, not that there are "masses" in my town, but there are a few). Advertising doesn't have to be expensive. There are actually several simple things you can do to expand your blog like what we did this week. Here's what I came up with: create small ads (bits of paper with some words about the blog on it) and place them in books around town. At the library, at a bookstore, maybe slip a few into some mailboxes (Just kidding people. That's illegal.). Now bits of scrap paper are fine, but if you want a cleaner look I would cut out squares from printer paper. Me and Jeremy tried this out for the first time on Friday and I can't wait to do it again!

When we got home from the bookstore, Jeremy quickly designed a small card that we can print out and place in books rather than just placing paper squares with ink on them. And I must say, they are pretty awesome! They are representative of our blog and say exactly what we are trying to convey without having too much text on it.

We also designed some bookmarks, that are probably one of my favorite things ever! Jeremy made them to match his business cards in order to keep a seamless look throughout and they are awesome! We included minor information about the blog (less is more, people) along with a great design (which really goes a long way) and even a barcode to scan on your smartphone taking you directly to our mobile site! That way, while waiting in line at BEA, you can check out our blog on your phone with one snap of a picture!

It just goes to show that paid advertising isn't always necessary to promote your blog or business. Treat it as a new idea that you can't wait to share. Go to your library, your local bookstore, etc and be proactive about your blog. It can be fun and you might just meet new people, local readers even, through this type of pro-activity.

Here is the flyer we made to put up at our local library! That is if we get permission too...still working the kinks out! But you can easily do something like this and just get the word out about your blog! When someone has a baby, what do they do? They tell the world! So we hope this helps you out when you approach advertising your blog, whether it be at BEA, across town, or throughout the interwebs! Best of luck!


  1. I just bought my first set of business cards to promote my local book club and my online reviews blog. I'm really excited. I'm thinking about getting a second style with only the blog info. I started my book club by posting flyers at my local video store, library, used book store, and laundry mat. That was two years ago. :-) Now... I'm hoping the same general idea will work for my blog.

    Thanks for the post! It gives me hope some reassurance that I'm working in the right direction! Have fun with your promo!!

  2. thank u so much for posting this! this is a great post for newbies like myself and those that have gained a following but want to expand!

    it's also great cause then you may get some local based followers and that way you can talk directly to book fans in your area!

  3. that is a very creative idea. i just started blogging and that will no doubt help my blog branch out. thanks!

  4. That's genius...seriously. I love the mobi scanner for your blog! I can see that being SO useful at conferences where all you have is a business card and a smartphone. Love it! And I adore the library poster. Such a neat idea!

    Now, to find the time to do it! Ummm...yeah. ;o)

  5. Great post guys! These are really great ways to promote your blog. I love the bookmarks! :) I hope you guys get new followers from all your hard work.

  6. Dude, I'm like, drooling over your bookmarks and business cars. Seriously. <3

  7. I've done the trick of slipping bits of paper into bookstore books and library books plenty of times. Love the designs you've got there and the mobile app thing is very clever! I think I'll take note of that one. Thanks so much for sharing and happy marketing!!