Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Giveaway Winner!

After a week of holding this giveaway, I've seen an exciting growth in the blog both in comments, followers, and feedback! As you know, my followers mean a lot to me so thanks for being a part of Novel Thoughts!

Anyways, that's not what you're here want to know who won my Valentine's Day giveaway...and who is one step closer to winning a brand new Nook! Right?! Well, after 364 entries, I have chosen a winner! Actually, chose one. And now it's time to announce that winner!

So, the winner of four books, York Pieces, and a 1 in 14 chance at the Nook is....

Congrats to Kira! Here are all of the winners from all 14 blogs:

Elie, Kimberly, Jess, Heather, Orchid, Vicky B, Kira, Elizabeth, Molly, Miss Sherrie, Shannon,
Brittany, Jenae, and Lynn!

And the grand prize winner is.....Jess! Congrats to Jessie and thanks to everyone who was a part of this contest and those who entered!