Sunday, February 27, 2011

In My Mailbox (31)

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This week hasn't been the best for me. Sorry for the lack of updates/posts all week; I've pretty much been in bed with a fever and sickness every day. Then on top of that, I work three days in a row (couldn't call in sick) so now I have hardly any voice left. Today was no exception.

Also, bookwise, I only received one book all week, though it makes up the lack of books in sheer awesome! We also totally redid our book shelves at home and I finished 5 design projects. So, in the end, it's been a good week.

The one book I got was an ARC of The Dark and Hollow Places by Carrie Ryan, which I actually read like 4 weeks ago (and it's amazing!) and is the third and final book in her zombie series. If you haven't picked it up ye, do it! I know for a fact that you won't be disappointed seeing as no one I've met or talked to that read it have been. It's just that good. And Carrie ends the series just grandly! Here's me with the book (from DailyBooth):

Jeff and I also took the time to totally redo our book room (yes, there is a room for just books) so I thought I'd share that with you too. After taking all the books off the shelves and stacking them on the floor, I took of pic of the monstrosity before moving the shelves and restacking. At least now we no longer have a ton of stacks in the middle of the room...don't mind the other messiness in the photo:


We're working on getting the walls painted next week but check out the shelves! I guess I'll give a brief description of what everything is. The tall black shelf on the left holds all my ARCs, classics, adult fiction, and miscellaneous books. To the right of that, on the first brown shelf, holds all my signed books (first three shelves) then Twilight, Artemis Fowl, and Series of Unfortunate Events books. Next shelf has our bobblehead collection (obsessed with them!) then anthologies and UK edition books (Buddha in the middle) followed by more books. The last shelf is more YA's, full to capacity! On the very top is our Harry Potter shelf (shrine) which holds full hardback series, full paperback series, five foreign editions (1 Korean; 4 UK), as well as Voldemort and Ron's wands, a tiny Ron, and the Sword of Godric Gryffindor. So that is my book shelves! Maybe I'll so a more in depth book tour later on...we'll see.

That's all for this week! I'm sure most of you got more than one book but let me know! Have a great week of reads!


  1. Very cool. Your shelves look great! That must have taken AGES.

  2. Awesome shelves! I still need to get another one, but I am running out of room in my room!

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  3. Wow! That is some serious bookage! Jealous of the awesome shelves too. I bet it was fun.

  4. The shelves look great! Quite a few books there, a little jealous. Eventually I plan on having a room dedicated to just books... like my own personal library!

    Hope you enjoy the final installment in Carrie Ryan's series. I just bought the first two, so I'm looking forward to reading them soon.

    Happy Reading! Mrs. B's IMM

  5. WoWsa and my mum thinks I own a huge amount of books, clearly she is wrong!

    Awesome!! :)