Thursday, December 2, 2010

Trailer Thursday: James Dashner

Today's trailers are from one of the best dystopian series I've ever read! James Dashner's eery story tells of teens locked inside of a giant maze, feeding themselves and fending for themselves against what lies beyond the walls...Grievers is what they're called. If you haven't picked up this series, you must as soon as you can!! The Maze Runner was one of the first YA books I ever read and it's one of the books that made me love YA so much! Here is the trailer for The Maze Runner:

The sequel, The Scorch Trials released October 12th and continues the unfortunate story of Thomas and the rest of the Gladers. So check out this shucking awesome trailer:

In other news, Catherine Hardwicke is in early negotiations to direct "The Maze Runner" film with 20th Century Fox! Cathrine might be be known for directing the Twilight Saga and most recently "Red Riding Hood" with Amanda Seyfried. Check out the article HERE for more info on "The Maze Runner" movie!


  1. Wow! I've actually never seen the book trailer for The Maze Runner before. It's amazing! I just started reading and for some reason, I pictured them all a lot younger. :/

    - Cialina from

  2. I've never seen this trailer before! The series is on my TBR list. That trailer was so awesome I may just have to move it up in priority!

  3. I've read both books and had never seen the trailers! I also didn't realize it was in the works to be a movie! Wahoo! Thanks for sharing!