Monday, November 8, 2010

Cover Reveal: The Vespertine and Wolfsbane

I have been waiting for these books since hearing about their release and seeing the covers (finally) gets me all kinds of excited! Back in October, I got to meet Saundra Mitchell at the Decatur Book Festival. And I got to share with her my need to have The Vespertine. I knew a few people who had read it and was jealous. I still am. This week, the cover was released and it is beautiful! Every book needs a pretty girl on the cover :) That leads me to the next cover reveal. Like the first in the series, Wolfsbane comes out with a cover as gorgeous as Nightshade (which is in my top 5 covers of the year). Whoever does the covers, "I'm not worthy"! Now to get down to business. Here are the book covers:

So I was pretty excited to see these book covers this week. What do you guys think about them?


  1. I think both are amazing, but I like Wolfsbane the best.

  2. The cover of Wolfsbane makes me want to read Nightshade ASAP! And The Vespertine looks gorgeous :)!

  3. Love both covers and really need to start reading my net galley of The Vespertine soon!
    Your blog is great, you write about all my fav books or books I am dreaming of. Btw, you know guys who read books and blog about them are hot, right?!

  4. Loved Nightshade and cannot wait for Wolfsbane! If that's Calla on the cover she looks ready to kick butt. I like it :)

  5. I've read The Vespertine! Sorry, like to make people jealous. Really looking forward to it's release. ^^