Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cover Reveal: Claire de Lune & Nocturne

Earlier tonight on Livestream (courtesy of Eve's Fan Garden), Christine Johnson revealed her new covers! First, the new cover of Claire de Lune and then the cover to it's sequel, Nocturne. I absolutely love them and I know you will too! Without prolonging it any are the two covers!!

I LOVE them!! Cannot wait to see them on the shelves!! Nocturne releases next May! What are you're thoughts on the new cover of Claire and the cover of Nocturne?! Let me know and I'll send them to Christine!


  1. I dont like it. I dont no why they switched the CDL cover, I liked it better with a model.

  2. I like them both equally and am happy to know that they changed the CDL cover. I never really liked that orgianl cover.

  3. I think the covers are beautiful!