Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Smart Chicks Flashback + Huge Giveaway

Warning: This is a long Smart Chicks post! Enjoy!

Hey guys! As most of you know, last month (Sept 13-16) I went to Smart Chicks Kick It tour in Texas. Well I brought back some goodies to share with you! But more on that in a little bit...I just want to tell you guys about my trip for a second.

I'm a very spontaneous person (just clarifying) and if an idea pops in my head and I have the means to do it...I usually do. Which brings me to my decision to go to SCKI in Texas of all places. See, I bought my plane ticket just one week before the tour started ("kicked off") in TX and basically threw it on those I was meeting there to organize hotels, rides, etc. So with a week of quick planning under my belt, I (and my bro) hopped on a plane to Houston (after spending the night in the Atlanta airport...worst night of my life)! We landed in Houston around 11:30 AM where a friend, Jennifer, picked us up and began driving back to Austin where the first night of SCKI would be. After our long drive, we met up with more friends (Vania and Steph) and author Anastasia Hopcus (and her awesome boyfriend, Brent) for lunch.

That night, Smart Chicks Tour launched at Book People, a huge indie bookstore in downtown Austin. There were so many people (nearly 500) squeezed in the second floor of the store. It was awesome seeing all the authors, Holly Black, Cassie Clare, Melissa Marr, Kelley Armstrong, Alyson Noel, and Rachel Caine. The first night was awesome and, for us, was just a meet and greet night so we didn't bring any books to get signed. But we did get to meet a few bloggers while there: Katie B (Mundie Moms), Missy (The Unread Reader), and more.

The next day, we drove to The Woodlands in Houston for day two of SCKI! We met up with Kelsey Dickson at the bookstore (who had been there for nearly 3 hours) and sat in the audience waiting for the authors to pop in! That night, the authors were Holly, Cassie, Kelley, Melissa, Alyson, Rachel Vincent, Kami Garcia, and Margie Stohl. We had yet another amazing night with the authors and friends. After getting all of my friends' books signed (still none of mine), we went down to the coffee shop to chill with other bloggers and book peeps while the long line dwindled down. We sat there with Stacy, Shannon, and Nancy (aka The Girls in the Stacks), some of the TwilightMoms, Khelsea from OnceUponAReview, and more talking for over an hour and a half. After the authors finished signing, we got to eat dinner with them before heading back to our hotel.

Day three of Smart Chicks started out driving back to The Woodlands to pick up Vania and take her to the authors hotel before hanging out in the shopping area around the Woodlands. We got to hang out with Kami and Margie before going to lunch/dinner at an amazing restaurant with Vania and Jennifer. While in the hotel room, we filmed this video:

Then we made the drive to the other side of Houston to Blue Willow for the night's signing. It was by far the most "well-planned" event and the set up was perfect! I got to be Kami's personal photographer and Vania's assistant (which granted me an "all access pass" to go with them) so I was pretty much on my feet all night! There were so many people there and no seats were left empty! This was the night to get all my books signed (over 20 books!). After the Q/A session, we stood in line for the signing before getting right back in the action taking pics for Kami! After the signing, we went to the back room to wait on the other authors to finish signing. We sat there and talked until we had decided on a place for dinner, Katz Deli. We said our goodbyes to Alyson, Melissa, and Kelley before they headed off to their hotel. But we still had a great time telling stories and laughing with Holly, Cassie, Kami, Margie, and Sarah Rees Brennan. After dinner, we said our final goodbyes to all the authors before heading back to our hotel.

The next morning, we got up, packed up,  picked up Vania, and drove to the airport to make our flight at noon which ended our epic week at Smart Chicks. We had a great time with the authors (seeing as we were with them nearly non stop!) and it was a trip I wouldn't have missed it for anything and I'm so glad I went!

Check out these video from the three Texas tour stops:


The Woodlands - Houston:

Blue Willow - Houston:

SCKI Swag Giveaway!
So because of all the awesomeness of the authors, I have tons of cool swag to give away! Here is what we have for the ultimate SCKI swag pack: two Beautiful Darkness posters, a SCKI poster signed by all the attending authors, Red Glove Chapter 1 & 2 previews (signed), signed bookmarks (Radiance, Dark Flame, Darkest Mercy), Radiance tattoo, SCKI tour bookmark, Cassie's Zombies v. Unicorns teaser, and a Clockwork Angel poster. There will be ONE winner of all this swag in one giant pack! Contest ends next Friday, November 5th.

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Photographs © Vania Stoyanova, VLC Photo. Used with permission.


  1. Great giveaway! Thanks a ton for the chance to win! I'm crossing my fingers for this one!

  2. I would love me some SWAG What a great giveaway!

  3. The tour wasn't anywhere near me, so thank you for such an incredible giveaway! I'm glad you had a blast. The videos are very entertaining :D

  4. Hey! Great giveaway, thanks :)! I don't know if it's international - if it's not, please ignore my formulary, haha.