Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jackson Pearce Speaks Out

Jackson Pearce is twenty-six years old and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in English and a minor in Philosophy. She is the author of As You Wish (2009), Sisters Red (2010), and Sweetly (2011). Here is Jackson speaking out:

1. What do think is the biggest problem with banning books?

It prevents people from making their own decisions. People who censor foolishly think withholding information equals safety, when really, withholding information just equals ignorance.

2. What would you do if Sisters Red or As You Wish were banned/challenged?

My dream is to attend my own book burning. Think of the book sales! I'd also celebrate, because if someone told me I was FORBIDDEN from reading a book, I'd read it ASAP.

3. Writing for Young Adults, is there ever a point where you feel you have reached the line that shouldn't be crossed?

Nope. Young adults are people. People reach and cross lines. It's just how it works.

4. What are some of your favorite banned books and why?

Huckleberry Finn. It infuriates me when people ban it because of the language. Seeing the language paired with a kind, intelligent, loyal man like Jim is so beautifully symbolic of the problem with racial inequality and cultural bigotry. Book banners just get so caught up in the slurs that they miss the bigger picture.

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