Monday, September 27, 2010

Censorship in 3010 (Plus a Huge Giveaway)

Today's post is from Pam of Bookalicious. She has lived all over the world and now resides in Northern California with her husband and kids while working for Yahoo, Inc. She has been book blogging since January 2009 and attends many book signings and expos. Here is Pam on censorship:
I wake up and see the picture of our benevolent leader hanging on my wall. His is the first face as I see as I wake and the last face I see when I go to bed at night. I see this picture of him looking stone-faced hundreds of times through-out my day. 
I rise out of my teen issued cot and I hear my parents rousing from their married couple issued  bed. I make up the cot and head to the bathroom to have a cold shower. I use the standard issue soap, toothpaste, and brush. I slip into my teen issued green suit and open the bathroom door. 
Mmm just smell that standard issue canned meat that my Mom is frying for breakfast. Food is plentiful now. Everyone has enough of everything.  
I sit down at the wireless port and my virtual teacher pops up on the screen. He will tell me everything I need to know without filling my head full of ideals and dreams. He tells about how children used to read whatever they wanted. Went to classes with each other and discussed
We have no contact with anyone anymore. It is too dangerous for our benevolent leader. He made this nation great by taking away all of the things that were corruptive to us. One day I will go to my husband’s house and we will start a family and I never have to worry about war, hunger, pain, or working. There are drones for the working.
Imagine a world where a censor was successful. It happens every day. Someone calls for a book, a movie, a play to be taken from our schools and each time we as a nation suffer for it. How many bans will it take until we live in a world like the one I just described to you?

I hear a lot of “Oh it would never come to that” and I think but why not? If we allow our base freedoms to be taken away on a daily basis just because they are ‘small things’ then will we be desensitized and let the big things happen too? Will we as a nation fight for our basic rights or will we roll over and take that too?

I know that causing a scene is not awesome, it takes a lot of courage to fight a ban or a proposed ban. I urge you as parents, students, mothers, daughters, fathers and sons to actively protest any ban in your library or school. To let people know you will be heard, that you won’t just think of it as a small thing and move on with your day. Tell them you will not take the abuses of banning zealots and you want these books available for you, for your children, for your grandchildren. Make a stand everyday against censorship. Not just during banned books week.

And now time for a Giveaway!!!
One of you U.S. residents will win a banned books Prize pack. Just fill out the form to win ALL TEN books listed below. Contest ends one week from today (Monday, October 4th).

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  1. FANTASTIC post! I wish I would have thought of something like this for banned Books week. I am reviewing a banned book a day and encouraging others to dabble in the Banned this week too.

  2. Thanks for the chance to win! Great giveaway! :)

  3. What an excellent take on censorship and a fabulous contest! Thanks for hosting :)

  4. Thanks guys, Jeremy is awesome for putting all this together. I had so much fun writing this post.

  5. great giveaway and brillant post...loved the awesome description of censorship, you rock girl.