Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blog Button...finally!

Novel Thoughts Blog finally has a button for you to grab and place on your blog to share the love for us! That is only if you love us...if not you can still put it on your blog. So please do this and spread the exciting news! I would love to see my new button spread throughout the entire YA blogosphere soon! So here it is!

Check it out in the side bar! I got it working thanks to Ambur and Cari's help.

Just copy and paste the HTML code in the HTML box in your Design tab in blogger to put it on your blog! It's that simple! Leave me a comment if you have put it on your blog as I would love to see it!


  1. Oooh it's pretty! :) I'll definitely be posting it on my blog!

    Actually, I've been wondering this for a DO you make blog buttons? Is there a specific site?

  2. oh it looks so cool! how do you make a button?

  3. I just made it with Photoshop and used someone else's code...but it's not working right now :(

  4. You're more tech savvy than I am! Great job!

    Until you can figure out the html code, it can still easily be placed on blogs as a picture with an added link to your blog.

    That's what I did anyway in my sidebar. :)

  5. I just posted your button to my blog :)

    And I think I know how to get that code to work for you, so I'll email you, since you can't post codes in the comments.

    Hope you get the code working soon, the button looks great :D

  6. I figured out how to resize it but the H in Thoughts disappeared...uh oh. o.o