Saturday, August 7, 2010

Interview with Lauren Hammond

As part of the amazingness of the August Blogger Birthday Bash, here is an interview with Lauren Hammond, author of Loves Sucks, which is now available in paperback and e-reader copies. Here's a little bit about Lauren.

Lauren Hammond knew from a young age that she was born to be a writer. After publishing her first novel in 2007, she then went on to write several screenplays and a few award winning poems.
She aspires to be a positive role model for young people who have a pencil, a piece of paper, and a dream. Never give up on your dreams, you might wake up one day and regret not pursuing them.
She has two more novels in the works, as well as some film projects.


1) What is your favorite fictional hero of all time? BATMAN!

2) What historical person do you most identify with?
Marie Antoinette, everyone should be able to eat cake.

4) Do you have a favorite Birthday memory?
When I was three I had an obsession with swimwear. I got my first pink polka dot bikini and a children's lounge chair. I took off my birthday dress, put on my bikini, and spent my whole party pretending to sun myself. Did I mention I
had hot pink heart shaped sunglasses to match. I was a mini diva, even at the age of three.

5) If you were to bake a cake what kind of cake would it be?
Strawberry cake with homemade frosting and fresh strawberries in the center. YUM.

6) What is your most treasured gift that someone has given you?
It wasn't a gift. It was a card from my grandfather with a message telling me how proud I had made him with my writing. He cried therefore I cried. It's not necessarily the gifts that mean anything it's the thought
behind them.

7) If you could chose one of your characters to come to life and celebrate with-who would be at the top of your list?
Cara, the main character in my novel Love Sucks.  I think we'd have a great time. I'd have a glass of Iced Tea, she'd have a glass of blood and maybe I could show her the correct way to dance in America.

8) What are some of your favorite books you've read this summer?
Honestly, I've been so busy with my own novel, I haven't had much time for reading. But, I have added some books to my must read list. 1. Before I Fall by: Lauren Oliver 2. Ashes to Angles by: Natalie McCollum.

9) What is your favorite saying or motto?
Trying isn't failing, you've failed if you haven't tried.

10) What is the one thing you wish people would ask but never do?
What goes on in that crazy, little head of yours? I'd say, A WHOLE lot of imagination.
Big thanks to Lauren for doing this interview with me also congrats for your book being published! If you don't follow her on Twitter, I suggest you go do it. She's totally awesome and loves the attention :) Her book is also available on Amazon. Also, check out my review of Love Sucks.

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