Friday, August 6, 2010

Cassie's Big Announcement!

Last night, all of the world tuned in to here Cassie Clare speak about Clockwork Angel and the rest of the Infernal Devices series...when she popped the news that there would not only be one more book in the MI series (which we all knew about) but THREE! Not only will there be City of Fallen Angels. But after that will be released City of Lost Souls and City of Heavenly Fire! Here are some great teaser covers for the new books! Personally, I am thrilled! The MI series is one of my favorites of all time and to see the series picked up for TWO more books is incredible! What was your reaction to the news? Any thoughts?


  1. I am just getting into the MI series. I've never been a YA reader, but City of Bones really had it all for me. I just purchased City of Ashes on my Kindle and can't wait to get through the rest of them, as well as the ID series.

  2. This IS my all time favorite series. I've already met her once and I can't wait to again in september! And, I can not wait for these next books! If you haven't read the sample chapter of CoFA.. defiantly go do it :).

  3. You have an award waiting for you!

  4. OHMYOOGNESS, I know!
    How psyched ARE YOU?! :)

    I was satisfied with how CITY OF GLASS ended, but with such a great series, you always want more, ya know?
    Love, Hannah

  5. O.O Why?!!!! Dear lord can the madness just stop already? The third one had a wonderful ending with CLOSURE! Why continue?!