Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meeting Holly Black and Carrie Ryan

Last night was simply spectacular! We arrived at the bookshop five minutes before it started and the place was full. There were over 50 people squeezed inside (most from a writing camp in town) and we had to stand the whole time.
One of the highlights of my night was walking in and both Carrie and Holly recognizing us, smiled,  and waved :) I love knowing authors! After they were introduced, Holly opened up by talking a litte about herself, her books, and researching for her books then Carrie did the same. Holly talked about what a con is while she and Carrie acted one out to us with an octopus on a leash (a dog).
After that they each had a 10 minute reading from one of their books; Carrie chose Dead tossed Waves and Holly chose White Cat. We then moved into the Q/A portion where Carrie was mauled by zombie/apocalypse questions. Here were a couple of the questions I felt important to mention:

Q: Holly, what is the chance of seeing Tithe being made into a movie?
A: Actually Henson optioned it from a movie a few years ago so we were hoping to see a Muppets version made but they have since dropped it. But it has recently been optioned again for a movie.

Q: Carrie, what is your favorite improvised weapon to kill zombies?
A: (Holly) Jogging shoes; (Carrie) Somebody slower than you xD

After many laughs and many more questions, it was now time for the signing portion of the signing! I still had yet to buy Holly Black's Tithe, Ironside, Valiant, and The Poison Eaters so I ran to the counter and bought them (grabbing the only Poison Eaters they had; score!) We then hung around until all of the signers had left so we could talk to our favorite authors ever! We went to Holly first and she was so nice! She said "It's so nice to finally meet you (to us?!) outside of Twitter!" I was like, "Well it's nice to finally meet you too!" I know...I'm smooth :)
We were able to talk to her for a while and she gave me some exclusive stuff! 1) Because that's what friends do and 2) because I asked! I got two teaser chapters of Red Glove (one signed for a giveaway so stay tuned) and a postcard. I then moved on to Carrie who I was so excited to see! We talked and talked while she signed. I asked her questions, talked about other books, gave her some suggestions; and she gave us a bunch of bookmarks and stickers! After all 5 of us had gotten over 20 books signed, we decided to stick around until all that was left were workers in order to take pictures (luckily we did because each of us got a free cupcake!)
We all took our pics and said our final goodbyes..."parting is such sweet sorrow" (thanks Shakespeare). Then to heal our wounds of goodbye...we went to Krispy Kreme (and the HOT sign was on!!!). At the end of the day, I had so much fun meeting them and cannot wait until September to see Carrie again! I don't know when the next time I'll see Holly is (I asked) but she didn't know. I will miss them both but it was great to see them AND be recognized by them! To Carrie and Holly: Thanks for such an amazing night! It was great talking and catching up. Sorry we stuck around so long to take pictures but it was nice of you to not want to kill us :) Carrie, I'll see you soon! And Holly, I guess I'll see you at BEA (promoting RG!) if not before then. Thanks again gals! You were lovely!

And finally here are some pictures from the night!


  1. Wow this sounded like so much fun! I wish I could get a chance to meet some authors!

  2. Yay for us! I had a blast as usual with our crowd!!

  3. Very jealous of the Carrie Ryan meeting. I saw Holly at ALA, which was fun. Also, it took me a second to realize you had a twin brother. I was like "Why did Jeremy switch shirts between photos?" LOL. But love all the pics and love the recaps. Where are you seeing her in September? The Smart Chicks tour? I wish that was coming somewhere close to me, but it's not. Le sigh. I will just have to hope that she eventually does a VA/NC signing I can go to.